Inside the Design Studio

Step inside the creative process as the Sight & Sound team takes stories from Scripture to the stage.

  • Creating the Show: DAVID

    7 items

    Join the team as they bring David’s story filled with towering giants, wild animals, and Philistine soldiers to life.

  • Creating the Show: QUEEN ESTHER

    4 items

    See how the design team brings the beauty of ancient Persia to life through costumes, music, and special effects.

  • Creating the Show: JESUS

    4 items

    From the streets of Jerusalem to the raging sea of Galilee, watch how the design team brings the story of JESUS to life on stage.

  • Creating the Show: SAMSON

    3 items

    Walls will fall as the design team brings Samson's story to life on an epic scale.

  • Creating the Show: NOAH

    3 items

    Since first debuting in 1995, NOAH has become Sight & Sound's landmark show. Learn more about its history and extraodinary journey throughout the years.

  • Creating the Show: JONAH

    6 items

    Dive into the creative process as the design team takes JONAH from concept to completion.

  • Creating the Show: MOSES

    4 items

    From a burning bush to a parting sea, watch the creative team bring Moses' story to life on stage.

  • Special Effects

    From first concepts to final special effects, the Sight & Sound production teams go above and beyond…and have a little bit of fun along the way!