Creating the Show: QUEEN ESTHER

Creating the Show: QUEEN ESTHER

See how the design team brings the beauty of ancient Persia to life through costumes, music, and special effects.

Creating the Show: QUEEN ESTHER
  • QUEEN ESTHER | Behind the Story

    Taken from her people and thrown into the dangers of palace life, Esther's world is full of uncertainty. But there's a master plan woven throughout each challenge that she'll face. Watch as the producers of QUEEN ESTHER take you deeper into this story of courage and faith.

  • QUEEN ESTHER | Building the Elephant

    An elephant created for a queen! Gain a behind-the-scenes look at one of our favorite technological elements of QUEEN ESTHER.

  • QUEEN ESTHER | Designing the Costumes

    Watch the beauty of the Persian palace come to life as the team designs and creates the show's colorful costumes.

  • QUEEN ESTHER | Creating the Music

    Follow the music's journey from Pennsylvania to Prague as it's written and recorded for the show.