Creating the Show: JESUS

Creating the Show: JESUS

From the streets of Jerusalem to the raging sea of Galilee, watch how the design team brings the story of JESUS to life on stage.

Creating the Show: JESUS
  • JESUS | The Heart of the Story

    Before any sets are built, costumes are made, or music is scored, every Sight & Sound Theatres production begins with crafting the heart of the story. In this special feature, hear from producer Josh Enck as he explains the theme of the show: love that rescues.

  • JESUS | Designing the Show

    From finely stitched costumes to grand staging, get an inside look at the design process on Sight & Sounds most technical show yet.

  • JESUS | Recording the Music

    From whimsical melodies to sweeping scores, music truly brings this story to life. Go inside the world-reknowned Abbey Road Studios in London as the orchestra records the soundtrack for the show.

  • JESUS | Creating the Costumes

    Even costumes are a part of storytelling. Learn about the process for developing each character and creating their unique look.