The Sight & Sound Story

The Sight & Sound Story

Travel back in time and watch the Sight & Sound journey unfold. From a dairy farm to a devastating fire and beyond--learn more about the company's 40-year history.

The Sight & Sound Story
  • A New Chapter (2022)

    We are on the threshold of something brand new, ready to turn the page on the next chapter of our story.

  • The Branson Story (2021)

    In 2008, we opened our doors in Branson, MO, and this special community stole our hearts. But coming to Branson had its own moments of wondering what was on the other side of the challenges we faced. (2021)

  • The Living Waters Theatre (2020)

    Join founders Glenn & Shirley Eshelman as they remember the early days of Sight & Sound in the original Living Waters Theatre. (2020)

  • A Story of Faith (2017)

    It’s a journey nothing short of a miracle. Witness the story of how a small, traveling multimedia show became a destination for millions of people from around the world. (2017)

  • The History of Sight & Sound (2013)

    It began in 1976 with a dairy farmer, his wife, a few slide projectors, a passion for creativity, and a desire to serve God. Follow the story from the very beginning in this in-depth look at the Sight & Sound journey. (2013)

  • The Story of a Vision (1999)

    Filmed in 1999, this documentary film gives an in-depth look at the first twenty-three years of Sight & Sound's history. (1999)